So you think you can tell!!

“The most beautiful things are not associated with money; they are memories and moments. If you don’t celebrate those, they can pass you by.”

WRITING IS AN ART. Writing, as long as I have entered my current stage of wisdom, is indeed an art. When you write about something with no deadlines, no predefined context and let free to spill your thoughts on a paper, you write about something you consider of utmost importance, or which is the ‘need of the hour’.
So, here I am writing my first blog post on a topic which I find to be of crucial importance.

“Some people die at age 25 and aren’t buried until they are 75”

This is a popular quote which many of us had heard about at some point or the other in our past. Now let’s give it a thought. How many times a day, according to you, a technical profiled person, maybe a coder, an analyst, a maintenance engineer, or any other person of a mainstream profession which majority of us are pursuing would laugh their hearts out? How many times a day would he rest in his chair and sense satisfaction? How many times a day would he thank god for such a ‘jubilant’ life? For most of them, not once, even if it’s all that we crave for. Why? Now, the answer to this ‘why’ could be disguised by establishing clich├ęd arguments like ‘mundane work environment’, but what they are omitting is the fact that they are the environment. It is not because of a teensy excuse of work environment that they are not satiated with their jobs, but because they are not relishing what they are doing 6 days a week, 8 hours a day and beyond. The main cause of such huge proportions of frustrated employees is due to disproportionate work-life balance.
The whole lot of this population is displeased because they are unable to anticipate the worth of their services and are unable to get a more spiritual wisdom out of their work. This is exactly where holidays, vacations, and regular fun trips play a major role.
Due to insufficient spiritual satisfaction (read job satisfaction), people tend to get frustrated and thus miss out savouring one of the most memorable time of their lives.

“Work for those 7 minutes”

According to a research, when a person dies, the joyous memories from his lifetime flashes to him, and only after the memories have been flashed and reminisced, the person would rest in peace. Those 7 minutes are granted so as to embrace and recall all the sweet memories from their past.
Now just imagine, how sad would it be for a person to die before that flash of 7 minutes, just because all his life he was busy making materialistic properties rather than memories. How great it could be for him to create more ecstatic memories and have a strong spiritual connection rather than earning money in a rush.
Putting forth a popular counter-argument of ‘earning money till 40 and then sitting back in the chair and watch the world grow older’ is undoubtedly an uncertain call to bank on. You never know what’s coming next and thus the phrase,

“So you think you can tell?..”